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Bosnia bridge

We were in Croatia, driving back to Zadar, kids were hungry and there many signs for Bosnia on the highway. In reality the first Bosnian town was closer than the nearest in Croatia. Shall we get out of E.U. to grab a sandwich? It was silly but intriguing at the same time. Got our passports, passed the boarder and after 10 kms we arrived to the first Bosnian town just opposite the boarderline to Croatia. We found a small cafe by the sea and had a simple but tasty sandwich. We had forgotten of course that we suddenly had to deal with another currency and there was a moment of panic if we could still pay in Euros. The Bosnian sandwiches were huge and very tasty and we had thoughts of taking them back across the border with us and to have them later. As we drove back across the border we saw signs saying don’t bring sandwiches or sausages across. We never knew this was a thing. Next time we ll know better…