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That brings us to car travel and when we say car trips we mean 1000, 1500 or 2000km trips. A favourite choice for many and a daring one for others. For me, car travel gives us a great deal of freedom and independence. I go where I want, I see a place I like while I’m driving and then I stop. It can also involve having a lot of patience. It’s not pleasant to wait for hours to cross a border. However, we as a family prefer them, because we make our schedule exactly how we want it. We get out of the trip whenever we can and generally have a constant change of scenery that keeps our interest. We did our first road trip as a family in 2017. I remember it like it was yesterday. Brexit had just been voted through and we were working in Gibraltar, so we knew our lives would be directly affected. We thought this would be our last summer in Spain, so we wanted to see the whole of the north of Spain before we left.


There are two very important details I need to make you aware of at this point.. We lived more than 1000 km away from the starting point of the trip and also 9 months ago our twins were born.

What did the people around us say?

You’re crazy to go on a road trip with not one, but two small children.

Your kids won’t remember anything.

It will be so tiring, you won’t have a pool.

What will you feed your kids???

This isn’t a vacation, it’s a massacre!

Forget a vacation like your used to before the kids, you won’t even be able to go out as they will be crying.

How can you move around with your twin stroller?


I may have been naive however I didn’t let that thought affect me too much. I focused more on how to make it happen. All of a sudden I started thinking about the cost, luggage, transportation, finding family friendly places, the weather, medical emergencies, roadside stops, points of interest and how we’re going to sit on the plane etc


To start with we had a plane trip to get there, we rented a car, delivered it to another location and flew back again all with twin babies with us. Believe me, all this was nothing compared to what has happened on the trip and


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